DEFY Extreme Wood Stain color chart

Quikrete Walkmaker Forms

Objects of Unparrelled Beauty

Quikrete Walkmaker Forms are truly a breeze to use and understand. First you mark out the pathway, mix the concrete, and set and fill the form. Once the Walkmaker Form is removed you can revel in the amazement of your design. Then with some simple troweling to smooth the surface edges, your soon off to create the next 2 foot section, The Walkmaker Form measures 2ft x 2ft x 2in with each section requiring one 80-lb. bag of premixed concrete. With a litle inspiration you will become quickly skilled in this process. You might even consider adding a curve, or attempt to make the finish more customized by adding a colorant.

County Stone walkway


High-End Look for Less

Quikrete Walkmaker Forms are an easy and affordable way of turning a walk, trail or footpath into an object of unprecedented beauty. The Walkmaker Form helps create a pathway that gives you a brick or natural stone appeal.  Optionally, you could use actual brick or stone to construct your walk - but why... The large variety of these materials are expensive, difficult to work with and often a pain to install properly. Using the Walkmaker Form your walk or pathway will easily stand the test of time while giving you the exact same look and feel as those expensive materials. When you then add in the cost and durability your pocketbook will be greatly enhanced.


Esquisitly Made by You

You can modify the beauty and elegance of your walk or pathway with the use of Colorant. Most often found in paint or stain, Colarant is tinly pigments that can give the concrete a new look of its very own.  Another option is a translucent, penetrating or concrete etching stain that can be applied once the product is dried and cured.