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Firefighters safeTwebbing

Forming a Web of Trust and Security.

In emergency situation’s knowing what to do or whom to contact is essential. Equally important is having proper training and “ the right equipment “. Hence Firefighters safeTwebbing makes its debut. Firefighters safeTwebbing looks and acts just like the traditional nylon strap webbing used in emergency services but is much stronger (up to 9,000 lbs). Firefighters safeTwebbing is more flexible and has a texture that makes it easier to handle and work with, with gloves on.

Firefighters safeTwebbing


A Continuous Line of Inter-Sewn Loops

When laying flat Firefighters safeTwebbing looks and works exactly like strap webbing and can be used in much the same way. Its additional uses and benefits are many. What’s most important about Firefighters safeTwebbing is that its entire length contains a series of continuous embedded loops. These loops provide multi-availability for Firefighter hook-in points throughout the webbing length. Each “ hook-in point “ will allow a Firefighter or emergency responder to attach dozens of items for raising or lowering as need be. This may be items such as; fire tools, rescue and extrication equipment, power tools, extra SCBA’s, backboards, hose lines, tool kits, radios, as so on.


Options are Nice

Being able to respond in an emergency is paramount. But none so much as having proper and versatile equipment. Firefighters safeTwebbing can provide multiple uses during auto extrications for holding down or holding back hazardous vehicle parts (i.e. doors, rooftops etc..) Due to its strength, flexibility and available lengths, Firefighters safeTwebbing provides many downed firefighter options. The number of uses is only determined by the imagination of the user. The webbing is washable and proudly made in the USA.