The EarthStone Difference

'Pumice Like' Material from Recycled Glass

Disposed crushed glass is saved from many landfills around the Country and grinded into a fine power to make the pumice like Stones developed specifically for cleaning, construction and recreational projects. Mixed with a foaming agent this glass powder is then baked in specialized kilns at nearly 1,600 degrees. Once baked and cut into Stones they are packaged for sale. Of primary concern are the benefits associated with reducing strip-mined minerals by creating an environmentally-friendly alternative from the recycling of existing materials.

Manufacturing & Production

EarthStone products contain ingredients with more positive health and environmental characteristics than conventional cleaners. Founded in 1995 EarthStone products are an environmentally friendly alternative to pumice Stones. EarthStone recovers landfill glasses and then recycles those to create effective and responsible cleaning and sanding blocks.


Attaining Recognition

The EarthStone Grill Stone, Bath Stone, Kitchen Stone, and Quik Sand products were awarded Environmental Protection Agency Design for the Environment certification recognizing these items for safer chemistry, and company commitment to environmental protection, worker and consumer safety, conservation, and customer education. Minimum of 95% of the weight is recycled glass, maximum 5% is additives.