DEFY Extreme Wood Stain color chart

Quikrete Penetrating Concrete Stain

Opaque appearance provides deep, rich color.

Quikrete Penetrating Concrete Stain is designed for beautifying a wide variety of concrete surfaces. Applying stain to your surface will provide a deep, rich color that highlights natural variations in surface. This process involves a few simple steps like conducting a water absorption test, general surface cleaning and application of the material. The latter is easily accomplished using a brush, sponge or plastic pump-type sprayer.

Example Burnt Orange Application


Coloring a Personal Canvas

Quikrete Penetrating Concrete Stain is a water-based, polymer bonded, UV and weather resistant stain. Its primary benefits are cost effectiveness, low maintenance, high durability and unparalleled beauty. Unlike its acid based counterpart, this traditional water based product is safer and easier to use. Quikrete Penetrating Concrete Stain can readily leave an opaque color effect on any concrete surface. The main difference being that such water based stains act more as a “ coating “ whereas its acid based relative will permanently alter the properties of the concrete. In all, concrete stains create a very smooth surface that are simple to clean. They quickly transform dull looking concrete into individual canvases. Concrete stained floors generally do not fade their color, and are more resistant to the effects of peeling and chipping. This makes for an ideal solution to someone looking for that personal or unique appeal.


Blending it Together

The Polymer Bond of this penetrating stain (typically a blend of acrylic polymers and pigments) penetrates concrete or masonry to produce a wide range of permanent opaque color. As the properties of the stain act as a penetrating “ coating-like “ material no actual chemical reaction occurs. This allows for a more consistent and radiant color tone throughout. The low odor, low VOC formula is therefore safer and easier to use because there are no harmful solvents or acids. It’s ideal for both interior or exterior applications and will provide a truly “ one of a kind “ matte finish.