DEFY Extreme Wood Stain color chart

DEFY Original Wood Stain

featuring Synthetic Nutrient-Free Resins

A wood finish should look good and protect the surface until it is time for a maintenance coat. Products that are misapplied, or ones that have low performance, tend to darken prematurely. Oil based products tend to darken with age by collecting surface pollutants, and often promote mold and mildew growth. Many products may look good for a time, but will eventually peel because of trapped moisture. Products that serve as coatings are the most difficult to maintain because they often need to be chemically stripped and pressure washed before reapplication.

Keep Wood Refreshed

Since DEFY Original Synthetic Wood Stain is a breathable water repellent finish, it allows wood to expand and contract naturally without peeling. Rain water and ultraviolet rays from the sun often rob wood of its natural strength and beauty. These wet and dry cycles cause wood to unnecessarily expand and contract which leads to warping, swelling and checking over time. Ultraviolet rays ultimately break down wood cells causing them to turn gray and circum to water penetration and decay. Fortunately, this deterioration can be prevented through proper wood care and maintenance.


Defy the Elements

In the mid eighties, SaverSystems water repellents became the number one choice for protecting masonry chimneys from leaks and water damage. Then water based siloxane water repellents for above grade concrete and masonry were developed. As demand for these products grew a high performance water based wood finish was needed. DEFY created the Original Synthethic Water Repellent for the purpose of protecting decks, log homes, fences, and a variety of exterior wood applications. These are high quality, high performance water based products. Having sold millions of gallons you can rest assured this is water repellent protection that won't leave you all wet! The employees at Saversystems want to help protect your investment by empowering your wood and concrete surfaces to repel the elements around them. Why not limit your frustration and take advantage of this unique Saver System.