DEFY Extreme Wood Stain color chart

Quikrete Concrete Etching Stains

Color as Warm as a Summer Night

Quikrete Concrete Etching Stains normally have a radiant effect on plain concrete, transforming a single dull and ordinary concrete slab into a rich vibrantly colored substrate. Etching Stains make it easy to color and protect any type of concrete floor whether in your basement, an interior part of the house, the garage, patio or even a walkway.

Example Quikrete Etching Stain application using Tan & English Red


Coloring Outside the Lines

With an Etching Stain you can easily transform plain concrete into a marble-like appearance with warm Earth-Tones and unique shading. These acid-based stains react with the concrete as they penetrate the surface, creating a long lasting effect. Etching Stain is Initially applied to the concrete as a liquid, however once applied it quickly begins to chemically react with minerals in the concrete to create the permanent finish. Because concrete is so porous, the coloring is often attractively multitoned, similar to the warm, natural hues of weathered stone or earthen tile.


Preserving for the Future

Make sure to seal the stain within 24 hours of staining as the salts can oxidize, creating an unfavorable sealing condition. Coating your stained floor with a clear sealer afterwards adds a tough protective layer that helps the concrete to resist unwanted stains and enhances the depth of its color.


The Quality Behind the Quality

Since 1940, Quikrete has produced more than two hundred individual professional-grade and consumer style products. Quikrete concrete is used in building and refurbishing commercial projects all around the United States. With more than 94 manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Central & South America, Quikrete has unsurpassed product distribution and depth.