DEFY Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain

The Synthetic Resins are Unparalleled

DEFY epoxy fortified wood stain has unique properties that distinguish it from traditional natural oil, wood and deck stain. The use of Synthetic resin is this main difference. Synthetic resin works to discourage the growth of mildew and algae caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Both high performance and semi-transparent, DEFY epoxy fortified wood stain also helps prevent the damaging effects of water and fungi. It not only beautifies and protects your wood surface but offers you a professional look and feel in the finished application.

Toughness and Durability of Epoxy

Now there is the matter of the epoxy itself to help bond the sealer stain to the wood fibers. The epoxy helps the fortified water-based DEFY wood stain soak deeply into the wood rather than just hanging about on its surface. With epoxy in place your wood now has both protection and the ability to breathe.  Epoxy fortified wood stain is a VOC compliant epoxy resin that penetrates wood pores to block out water and provide lasting protection from weather damage. The extra layer of surface penetration will help cut out surface buildup and peeling over the life of the coating.


The Natural Beauty Shines Right Through

Use DEFY epoxy fortified wood stain on interior or outer wood surfaces including: wood siding, log homes, decks, fences, shake shingles, outdoor wood furniture, pressure treated lumber, and all other naturally porous wood surfaces. Also a perfect application for staining pressure treated wood.