Orange Citrus-based Cleaners

Technology Born by Accident.  Makes Life Better.

Orange citrus-based cleaners, technology born by accident. Primarily rely on Limonene (a colorless liquid hydrocarbon), often heightened with isomer D and other Aliphatic compounds (compounds which do not contain benzene or the similarly aromatic rings of atoms). Limonene is increasingly used as a solvent for cleaning purposes, such as the removal of oil from machine parts. It is a fragrant alternative to Turpentine and Acetone whereas Limonene containing isomer D is the less toxic substitute for Xylene.  Isomer D also provides the familiar smell of citrus.

The Accidental Discovery

Citrus cleaning technology was born in 1932 by mere accident. While blending dental impression cement a chemist stopped momentarily to peel an orange. He then noticed the cement residue on his hands begun to dissolve naturally when it met with the citrus oils. This eventually led to a first formula of what is now known as Orange-Sol De-Solv-it® Mom approved! This accidental discovery has been a staple solution for messes, accidents and disaster cleanup since then. From simple household mishaps like crayon, gum, candle wax and grease to large-scale oil spills in our ocean waters these natural citrus oils manage to tackle many everyday and environmental problems.


Evolution of the Science

De-Solv-it® Citrus Solution is a safe alternative to many dangerous and toxic solvents and is the #1 brand to clean boats and equipment. It excels at removing tar, asphalt, oil, grease, chewing gum, as well as removing greasy, grimy, sticky, oily, gooey, waxy problems from various surfaces including skin.

De-Solv-it® CONTRACTORS Solvent is non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and a safer alternative to acetone or paint thinners. It is exceptional at removing Caulk and Silicone Sealant, Liquid Insulation, Putty Nails, Water Seal, Tar, Grease, Oil and Floor Adhesive.

De-Solv-it® Mechanics Solvent is exclusively designed for the mechanics trade.  Mechanics Solvent offers greater than 50,000 volt Dielectric Strength and removes asphalt, blacktop, brake dust, brake fluid, bug residue, chewing gum, cosmetics, gas gum, gear sludge, baked-on grease, lubricants, motor oil, fresh paint, power steering fluid, rubber marks, silicone, diesel and cigarette soot, tar, tree sap, tape and tape residue, transmission fluid, waxes, window decals and bumper stickers. It does not harm cured paint, metal or clear coat finishes.

Medi-Sol Adhesive Remover is a hospital strength adhesive remover that contains natural oils, aloe vera, lanolin and organic wetting agents. Effectively removes tape, adhesives, nitro patches, tar residue from skin and hair. Used in many neonatal units (and hospitals) to remove adhesive residue without tearing ultra-delicate skin. Also used on TENS Accessories and Ostomy Appliances and in burn centers, trauma centers, hospitals, and health care facilities worldwide. This product does not contain harsh solvents. It is safe and non-toxic, biodegradable with no artificial dyes, colors, or other fragrances.