TWP WS Series Water Based

TWP WS Series Water Based

TWP Water Series Total Wood Protectant

TWP Stain is best known for offering superior oil based wood stain and preservative products. Now they have taken matters one step further – the first ever TWP non-film forming water based wood stain. TWP WS Series utilizes a unique combination of chemicals that enhance the natural beauty and warmth of the wood. TWP Series then penetrates deeply into the wood fibers without leaving surface film build. This helps the stain to highlight its existing grain patterns with amazing clarity and a warm feeling.

TWP 100 Series Wood Stain and Preservative


Wood Stain with Benefits

TWP Series contains water repellents engineered specifically to inhibit the damage caused to wood by water absorption. It further offers a band of carefully selected mildewcides to help inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface of the stain. Loaded with special UV absorbing pigments any color (except clear) work to inhibit unsightly graying caused by the radiative effect of the sun. The semi-transparent properties of TWP Series allow the wood grain and color to show right through.


It's all in Application

TWP WS Series is a penetrating system and is not designed to build a film. Only apply to a properly prepared, clean, dry and absorbent wood substrate. Optimum application is when temperature is in the 50-85°F range. Do not apply if rain is expected within 48 hours.  For best results we recommend brush application although you can use an applicator pad, roller or low pressure sprayer at your descretion.  Make sure to only apply as much material as the wood can readily absorb. On horizontal surfaces apply an initial coat at 300 - 400 sq ft per gallon.  Coat boards lengthwise maintaining a wet edge to avoid lap marks. Allow material to penetrate 10 - 15 minutes and then apply a second coat at 400 - 500 sq ft per gallon.  Typically a two coat application is adequate, but wood porosity may dictate the use of more or less TWP WS Series.  Do not allow material to pool or puddle and remove any liquid material that remains on the wood surface 10-15 minutes after application.  TWP WS should dry uniformly flat with no glossy areas, so excessive TWP WS that does not penetrate and is not removed from the surface will often leave a shiny film.