TWP 1500 Series Wood Stain and Preservative

TWP 100 Series Stains

Total Wood Preservative Standard Formulation

TWP 100 Series is designed to keep wood beautiful, fresh and new looking. The product is best known for its preservation of natural wood color. With ease of application and maintenance you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your exquisite wood surface for many years to come. Selected mildewcides contained within the product inhibit the growth of mold and mildew to assist in preventing premature discoloration. TWP 100 Series contains special UV absorbing pigments that prevent unsightly wood graying, darkening and fade.

TWP 100 Series Wood Stain and Preservative


Wood Stain with Benefits

TWP 100 Series is an EPA registered wood preservative which prevents structural damage and wood decay on exterior above ground wood surfaces such as untreated or previously treated fencing, decking, wood siding, log homes and roofing. TWP 100 Series can resist the water absorption that causes warping, cracking and splitting as well as prevent freeze thaw damage in colder climates. TWP 100 Series beautifies & preserves, repels water, prevents wood rot, stops UV damage, eliminates mold & mildew. This penetrating, long lasting formula is both easy to apply and maintain. TWP 100 series is designed to penetrate the wood surface and not build a film. TWP 100 Series is Ideal for use on applications like log homes, wood fencing, decking, roofing & siding.


It's all in Application

Mix TWP 100 series preservative thoroughly and apply by brush, pump sprayer or roller. You will want to saturate the surface area with the TWP 100 series product. However, do not permit the TWP 100 series to puddle. Any excess product that does not penetrate may ultimately lead to premature failure. You can apply as much material as the wood can absorb. Be aware that over application may leave an oily residue on the surface and may cause premature failure of the stain. So any material that has not penetrated within three hours of application must be removed. If needed, apply a second coat wet on wet. Once dried the product will not penetrate itself, therefore any attempt at a second coat would be repelled. Do not thin TWP 100 Series during this application to increase the coverage area. Thinning is not recommended. TWP 100 Series generally has an overnight dry time which is always dependent on temperature and humidity. You can clean up any product spills or messes and drips with mineral spirits.