Curb the Effects of Water Damage

MasonrySaver All-Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent

A MasonrySaver treatment is 100 percent vapor permeable allowing water vapors to escape. This reduces spalling, scaling, deterioration, and freeze-thaw damage that often results when moisture becomes trapped underneath the coating.  This proprietary blend of silanes and siloxanes creates a SaltShield barrier on concrete surfaces to promote greater resistance to the effects of road salts and de-icing chemicals.

MasonrySaver offers an Umbrella of Protection.


Non-Film Forming Protection

MasonrySaver All-Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent is a one component, VOC compliant water repellent and chloride screen, which contains an optimized blend of silane/siloxane. The product is designed to easily penetrate into most masonry and concrete pores. Unlike acrylics, silicones, and other waterproofing sealers that remain on the surface and trap water vapors, this masonry waterproofing product allows deep penetration of its active ingredient of up to 1/4 inch. It reacts with the minerals in the concrete and masonry in the presence of ultraviolet light and atmospheric moisture. This reaction forms a strong permanent bond beneath the surface and creates a hydrophobic zone to prohibit water molecules from penetrating, while allowing free mitigation of the water vapors. The chemical bonds formed during this process become an integral part of the substrate and ultimately provide long-term water repellency protection.


Saving What You Build

SaverSystems has been a manufacturer of quality water repellents, deck stains and concrete sealers since the mid 1980’s. Their product line includes many well-known and respected brands like Defy, MasonySaver and ChimneyRx. These are high quality, high performance water based products, that were designed to preserve and protect all types of substrates. Small’s DTEPStore is one of the largest distributors of MasonrySaver products in the US and are just minutes from the manufacturing facility.  As such we are able to offer the freshest products filled in a cost efficient and timely manner. Thus we have first-hand knowledge of the the quality and commitment that goes into every single gallon.