Down to Earth Products

Keep close to the heart of nature.

Down to Earth Products, Founded 2002, is about Earth & Green Friendliness for the chemical world in which we exist. As we use chemicals to clean within our homes and cars or complete the summer project outdoors, oftentimes we need subtle reminders to care about the environment around us.  Our site centers on the basis of this principle:

 Safety of the environment and/or does the product exhibit sound properties.

 The capacity of the product to provide quality results as compared with harsher or more toxic alternatives.

6,000+ Products & Counting

We have a large selection of Stain Removers, Polishes, MultiPurpose Cleaners, Paint Removers, Repair Products… you get the idea. We work to keep these product lines relevant to what environmentally conscious consumers need and prefer and always look for nontoxic, biodegradable and plant based sources when possible. We work hard to be a leader in our industry by focusing on products which meet improved governmental standards while simultaneously fulfilling the needs of our customers with quality household cleaning compounds.

When there is no Path, blaze a new Trail

Order fulfillment isn't scientific. We simply snap into service to fill all orders the same day, usually no later than the next business day (unless special situations arise). Normally we can provide this 24-hour order turnaround without issue. We're not saying its a perfect world just that we're trying to make it so.